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President Obama will not take military offensive against ISIS to the next level


The US President has firmly declared that the country will not get into any major military offensive against the ISIS, despite the carnage in Paris on November, 13, 2015. The president was replying to the queries on this matter raised at a press conference held at the end of G-20 summit. The summit was held at Antalya, Turkey.

President Obama strongly condemned the killing of 120 civilians in France. He also mentioned that the US will intensify the existing methods being employed to contain ISIS following the terrorists attack in Paris, but confirmed that drastic shift in the US military policy on ISIS was not on cards. It may be recalled that as of now, the US is undertaking airstrikes, apart from helping the local armed forces on ground to battle ISIS. President informed the press that the methods being used as of now to undermine ISIS were the best possible methods, highlighting that the process will take time and that there was considerable progress with this method because of which ISIS now has lesser area under its control. According to the president his view is shared by both civilian advisors as well as military advisors in the country.

There were suggestions that the US should go all offensive with military forces. President also brushed aside suggestions for more US forces on ground in both Iraq and Syria. He felt that participation of ground forces would backfire. According him,the US military could take over Ramadi, Raqqa and Mosul from ISIS, but such control would be temporary. President Obama felt that such a move would merely be a repetition of what happened on previous occasions. The problem was that the local population in Syria was not completely committed towards such a change. Unless that happened the attempt would be futile because ideological differences were bound to resurface. By defeating ISIS, the US could occupy the country but would be trapped into the position of being almost a permanent occupier. That according to him would be unsustainable obligation on the US considering that terror attacks can also come from other Middle Eastern nations such as Libya, Yemen, and North Africa, not to mention Southeast Asia.

President also criticized the opposition for demanding actions that were already under progress. He reminded that he does not believe in talking about what he does and in the past he has sent troops to Afghanistan when he felt such forces were necessary there. He also left the troops for longer there. While on the subject the President also expressed disapproval of Republican party’s demand for subjecting the fleeing Syrians to religious tests. Effectively, the political views of Republicans on this matter are different from outgoing president.

A Glance at the American Political Arena


Politics forms n integral part of man. Through the years we have seen politics take various forms and patterns which have created many changes in the world today. With the ongoing American presidential campaigns, we have seen so much take place in a manner of time. The campaigns have been drawing attention to the star and it’s politics. The presidential aspirants have been out making good their promises of a better life. We have seen many reactions to terror in Europe with the recent attacks in Paris. The government policy to take in Syrian refugees has seen reactions from different leaders all over.

The governors of various states have even refused to take the refugees into their custody after the recent attacks on Paris. This was after there was a directive from the government to relocated the refugees in various parts of America. This move by president Barrack Obama has received various reactions from other leaders. Governor for Texas Greg Abbot, wrote to the president stating that his state will not receive any refugees from Syria. This highly attributed to the earlier events in Paris that left at least 140 people dead. There has been other candidates that have supported the Presidents move to relocate refugees from Syria.

Amidst their citation that they should have more security check to vet the refugees, some candidates agree that they need to relocate the refugees. The former State secretary, Hillary Clinton claims that the number to be relocated is small. They suggest that the number should be raised up to 65,000 from 10,000. The presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, noted that it would be foolish to allow the Syrian refugees into the country. According to him, the process should be halted. The refugees should also be given an ideological test instead of a religious test. This is due to the fact that people with conflicting ideologies can never work together. He is many among the many political leaders who have argued that the government should abort the Syrian mission.

What Obama has to say about ISIS strategy Following Paris Attacks


Many questions have been raised about how Obama’s administration is handling the major threat posed by the ISIS group. (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. For instance, what his strategy is, in trying to destroy the group. This follows the recent attacks in Paris in which at least 128 people died. President Obama, on the other hand, has criticized the Republican’s move that calls for a religious test for all Syrian Refugees.

Speaking at a press conference at the end of the G-summit of the world leaders in Antalya, Turkey, Mr. Obama said that his country was not going to change its coarse on the ISIS group. That it would only amplify what they are already doing. He said that they would intensify their strategy. Mr Obama said that he was confident that the strategy would work. However, he said, that this would take time.

The president also condemned the attacks in Paris. He noted that there was some progress in this fight against the ISIS terror group. This, he said was evident, from the way they now hold a much less territory than they did years back. He said that the U.S would not stop, carrying out airstrikes. It would also offer assistance to the local troops on the ground that are fighting this terror group. The President called on to more countries to step up and provide more resources that are required in this fight.

Mr. Obama was against suggestions about the US increasing its military force. He was also against most of his critics who propose a much larger US Ground Force in Syria and Iraq. He added that this was not just his view, but also the view of his civilian and military advisors who think that this would be a grave mistake. That this could result in “permanent occupation” in those two countries.